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The Sibyll Says... [entries|friends|calendar]
Sibyll Trelawney

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[22 June 1996 | 20:55 pm ]
sometimes you don't even know you've lost somethingCollapse )
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[08 June 1996 | 02:01 am ]
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The production of accurate horoscopes is a labyrinthine undertaking. Copious quantities of information must be known about the subject, up to and including the location of the paternal grandfather's fingernail scissors at the moment of the subject's birth. (This is useful in determining the Ascending Star in the House of Lauder, which in turn can have a great effect on his interactions with others.) However, it is simply not possible to draw up Natal Charts for everyone, so I have attempted to simplify the Stars. My Predictions are completely correct, any deviation is Life's fault.

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What is Your Typical Day? [04 June 1996 | 16:16 pm ]
A typical day? How mundane. I am a Seer, yet you ask for my typical day? Very well, if that's what the Fates have decreed.

My days are strenuously scheduled. The Inner Eye, you understand, does not like suprises. I wake two hours before sunrise to prepare myself. First is an hour of yoga--I am particularly fond of the One-Legged King Pigeon and the Backward-Facing Elephant poses. They stretch both the body and the Mind. Next is a quick bathe, the water enhanced with acacia for psychic protection, basil to elevate clairvoyance, vervain for purification, and elder flowers for wisdom. It is a most potent combination, I recommend it highly to all of you.

Precisely two minutes before sunrise, I ring the small Nepalese gong I received as a gift from my great grandmother, and begin the Ritual of Rising. This is a most ancient ceremony, Egyptian in origin, that has been handed down throughout countless generations of Trelawney women. It welcomes the Sun back to the sky and helps align the performer with its Astral Energies. This is so very important when you have been Called as I have. The exact details of the Ritual are a closely-guarded secret, but the Cards tell me that I may share them with a select few of you. You will be Called as the Time draws near.

Breakfast is served by the House Elf Trixie sixty-five minutes after sunrise. A mild creature, she knows how best to preserve the delicate Vibrations and Powers that permeate my Tower. If only the same thing could be said of my students, who appear at scheduled times throughout the remainder of the day. I quite enjoy teaching my classes--unless, of course, the Tea Leaves predict otherwise. Very accurate, the Tea Leaves.

Once the school day ends, I have my evenings free, although 'free' is misleading. Dinner is brought by Trixie at precisely 19:41, as that is, Cosmically, a perfect time for ingestion and absorption--of food as well as knowledge. I eat only meat that has been sacrificed for Higher Purposes, however the Headmaster has seen fit to forbid the reading of entrails for all but the most Dire circumstances. Therefore, my evening meal usually consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables selected for their Magickal Correspondances. I am quite fond of the Fruit Salad of Fortune that Trixie will occasionally make. It's all in the cherries, you know.

The remainder of the evening is spent in quiet contemplation and reflection. Perhaps some Fire-Scrying, perhaps gazing in the Crystal Ball. At midnight, I perform Aradia's Rite of the Divine Moon, a ceremony passed down from mother to daughter, this one stemming back to my Strega ancestresses. The Rite is simple and beautiful, and varies depending upon the phase of the moon, the alignment of the stars, and the number of bubbles that surface in my evening toddy.

After that, it is time for a few hours' rest. The use of the Inner Eye is tiring at the best of times, and once combined with my other duties, draining. However, I am not free of its burdens, even in my sleep. The vast majority of my dreams are prophetic, and so I keep a scroll, a quill, and a bottle of special Dragon's Blood Ink by my bedside so that I will not forget anything. After making copious notes on my dreams, I am finally allowed restful slumber. Until it is time to start a new day.
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[04 May 1996 | 20:44 pm ]
Astrological questions? Problems with your Crystal Ball? Sheep entrails just not speaking to you? Let me help.
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